Attic Restoration Ottawa

Following the departure of your unwanted visitor or after a disaster, it is now time for attic restoration. One of the first things to check is the state of the insulation, especially if the animal has been living in your attic for some time or if water has made some damage. The animal may have contaminated the insulation with its feces and urine or the insulation can be wet. Those situations can bring you and your family into contact with mould or dangerous pathogens spread by microorganisms that wild animals carry. It may then be necessary to remove and replace the insulating wool.

Our restoration services include 4 steps:

  • Vacuuming the small piece of feces left by the animal;
  • Hand-picking the bigger pieces (feces, parts of nest);
  • Decontamination;
  • Insulation replacement.

Rest assured that our team of experts will do everything in its power to restore your attic. We will ensure that all sources of pathogens are removed to protect the health of you and your loved ones. Our team members are also qualified to remove and replace the insulation in your attic or roof space in the event that it has been soiled by the presence of an animal.

At Capital Insulation Restoration, we remain at your entire disposal for any questions or requests regarding attic restoration and contamination of insulation by wild animals.