Attic Insulation Ottawa

The longer an animal has been in your attic, the more insulation you will need to replace. At Capital Insulation Restoration, our team has all the experience and expertise necessary to remove the insulation. Most homes in Canada have blown insulation material or made with wood chips or sheets. Blown insulation can be removed well with industrial quality insulation vacuum cleaners. These powerful vacuum cleaners can remove insulation from attics, side walls and crawl spaces. On the other hand, sheets insulation materials must be removed by hand.


Once the insulation materials are soiled, you will need to install new ones so that your attic is heat-insulated. There are several types of insulating materials:

Cellulose fibre or cellulosic fibre.

It is the most highly recommended material in the industry due to its heat-insulating and soundproofing properties. It is also an ecological insulator that is very popular in green building.

Mineral wool

This material is frequently used as thermal and acoustic insulation. Depending on the size of the fibres, mineral wool can be considered a health hazard.


Fiberglass or glass wadding is used as thermal and acoustic insulation and also for its flame retardant properties.

Polystyrene foam

Polystyrene foam is a polymer that is used as synthetic insulation in residential construction because of its resistance to fire and moisture. However, its production is very energetic and requires the use of many chemicals that are hazardous to health and the environment. In addition, synthetic polymer-based insulation (polystyrene, polyurethane and polyisocyanurate) is poorly recycled and emits gases that are harmful to health or the environment.

Tarcork felt

It is an insulating material made of hemp, bitumen and cork. Hemp has the property of helping to regulate the temperature inside a home. In addition, hemp has excellent heat-insulating, soundproofing, fire-resistant and perspiring (allowing moisture to escape) properties .

Expanded cork

It is an ecological insulation made of cork known for its heat-insulating, soundproofing, non-flammable, perspiring and rot proof properties.

At Capital Insulation Restoration, we remain at your entire disposal for any questions or requests regarding attic restoration and contamination of insulation by wild animals.