Attic Decontamination Ottawa

Decontamination services are useful after animals leave or after water damage. Urine and wildlife feces can carry many pathogens that need to be neutralized as quickly as possible. Animals also carry a lot of parasites with them, such as ticks, fleas and louses. In addition to pathogens, urine and feces from wild animals contain pheromones that are odourless to humans, but may attract predators or other animals of the same species.

Our team of experts is also qualified to decontaminate attics and roof spaces that have been damaged by a disaster or water. When water impregnates the attic insulation, it is essential to use a decontamination service to prevent the growth of mould. Without intervention, mould can grow quickly and cause serious health problems:

  • Eye, nose and throat irritation;
  • Nasal discharge, sinus congestion, cold-like symptoms;
  • Wheezing breath;
  • Cough;
  • Increased frequency and severity of asthma attacks;
  • Chronic fatigue, headaches.

Complete or partial replacement of the insulation

After cleaning and decontaminating the attic, our team can proceed with the complete or partial replacement of the insulation material. We start by removing by hand the insulation material that has been brought into contact with the animal's feces and urine. We then use an electric atomizer that converts a deodorant and disinfectant product into a fine mist that can more easily infiltrate into all the spaces in the attic and roof space. Urine that has impregnated the wood or materials is also treated by this mist.

At Capital Insulation Restoration, we remain at your entire disposal for any questions or requests regarding attic restoration and contamination of insulation by wild animals.