Attic Cleanup Services Ottawa

Cleaning and decontaminating your attic

Your unwanted visitor has finally left your attic! Now is the time to clean and decontaminate your attic. Wondering how to do it? We are here to guide you! However, keep in mind that these steps require specific chemicals and specialized equipment, as some animals' droppings and urine can carry micro-organisms that can make humans very sick.

The vacuum cleaner for small pieces of excrement

Using a vacuum cleaner with a suitable filter, it is possible to collect the smallest pieces of excrement from rats, mice or squirrels, especially if they are not present in large quantities.

Hand pick up large pieces of excrement

Yes... Fortunately, we don't do that with our bare hands! With rubber or latex gloves, we collect larger pieces of excrement, such as those from raccoons or skunks. It is important here to protect your face with an appropriate mask so as not to breathe urine vapours or become contaminated by airborne parasites.


For this step, we strongly recommend that you call upon professionals, if you have not already done so. The chemicals used to disinfect the attic are not sold in supermarkets and require specialized equipment to be spread effectively.

Replace insulation

It is practically impossible to disinfect wool insulation after animals have passed through your home or when it has been damaged by water. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you hire professionals to replace contaminated insulation wool. It is even more important to change the insulation in three cases:

  • When there is the slightest risk that it has been contaminated by microorganisms that carry diseases;
  • When there's been a lot of droppings and urine in your attic;
  • When the insulation is wet.

Save precious time and money by calling professionals!